• Nature Conservation
  • Rural Development
  • Communication


Course objectives

The aim of this MPA course is to provide knowledge about the communication of protected areas, the promotion of sustainability and the handling of conflicts. The course focuses particularly on the conservation of biodiversity and the planning and management of protected areas, which involves a wide range of legal, administrative and technical realities.

Inhalte der Lehrveranstaltung

  • Protected areas in a democratic society and their possible role in the promotion of a civil society
  • Types and principles of communication, participation and the consultation process
  • The special role of communication and participation processes for the management of protected areas
  • Current developments in the communication sciences
  • Specific characteristics of communication and participation in developing countries (e.g. capacity building) and the possible role of protected areas for groups affected by poverty and / or marginalized groups


University of Klagenfurt

For more information see http://mpa.e-c-o.at

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