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Natura 2000

Course objectives

The aim of this course is to solidify knowledge on NATURA 2000 and to empower students to implement this knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Course contents

Since Austria’s EU accession, the country’s nature conservation planning has been shaped largely by NATURA 2000. The provisions laid out in the European Nature Conservation Directives and the newly established network of protected areas, NATURA 2000, have a significant influence on the management of protected areas, on conducting impact assessments and on the design of funding programmes. Legal situations and strategies in other sectors (forestry, spatial planning, water management) are also substantially affected. The course begins by providing a general overview of the European Nature Conservation Directives in context. On this basis, we work on concrete and practical use cases related to NATURA 2000 (models of management plans, preliminary surveys, environmental impact assessments, consultations, educational projects, participatory processes).


Tutorial, 1.5 ECTS


Enrolment for students of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) at the Institute of Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning (ILEN)

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