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WIR TUN WAS! – 2nd issue published

In the new biodiversity newspaper WIRTUNWAS, we report on small and large successes of impressive people who are doing something for biodiversity in their environment. From small measures such as exit aids for amphibians to comprehensive biodiversity-promoting business concepts, everything is included.

We introduce inspiring people, interview experts and see for ourselves on site. And we give good tips on what you can do yourself to preserve biodiversity.

WIRTUNWAS is also available for on-the-go. There is a podcast episode for each issue. Here you can find out exciting background information on our stories, listen to interviews and learn interesting details about fauna and flora. In our focus episodes, we take a more in-depth look at a particular topic. Here we dive into an unknown world together with our experts, discuss current topics with them or accompany them in the implementation of biodiversity-promoting measures.

WIRTUNWAS can be subscribed to free of charge at www.wirtunwas.net and read online. Only german. 

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