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Wolves need good shepherds

Wolves have been visiting Austria in the las 10 years along their re-establishment throughout Europe it is one of their last stops. Hardly any other species brings emotions to the boiling point the way the wolf does.

During a workshop moderated by Wolfgang Suske in Innsbruck a lot of these emotions could be adressed regarding wolves in Austria. Around stakeholders from the fields of conservation ecology, agriculture, hunting and tourism explained their point of view and its origins. Every participant was invited to share his or her view without having to be on the watch for a counter-argument. In an interactive process stakeholders' perception by others and themselves were actively contrasted.

The workshop was held in the framework of LIFE Euro Large Carnivores, which aims to harmonize the coexistence between humans and wolves. Suske Consulting was tasked by WWF Austria to moderate the workshop.

(c) Picture wolve: paukereks/pixelio

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