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How we can help birds through the winter

At the end of January, 16 participants took part in a leisurely walk through Gerersdorf and learned what is important when it comes to feeding birds in your own garden in winter. Using the example of the feeding station set up by the municipality of Gerersdorf-Sulz, these tips could also be illustrated on the spot. Great tits, blue tits, tree sparrows and house sparrows ensured busy activity at the feeding station. But also away from the feeding station we were able to observe birds that spend the winter with us: A buzzard made its circles in the sky calling, a gray heron searched for food in a field, troops of Eurasian collared doves as well as magpies and hooded crows took a short rest in windbreaks. It was made clear to the participants how important it is that the open landscape is structured in winter with strips of woodland, berry-bearing shrubs or strips of old grass. Such structures provide birds with essential shelter and food during the barren winter months.
The municipality of Gerersdorf-Sulz is one of three project municipalities of the project "Wir packen's an! Communities as role models for more biodiversity.", which promotes biodiversity with targeted measures on community areas.

Photo 1, 2 and 4: M. Wurglits
Photo 3: Municipality of Gerersdorf-Sulz

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