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Feed birds now – but do it right!


In the cold season, our birds find hardly any food, since almost no insects are active at low temperatures. Alternative food sources such as berries from native shrubs or seed-bearing perennials have become rare in many places. In winter, our birds therefore have to spend a lot of time and energy searching for food. To get our colorful feathered friends through the harsh season, many people spare no expense and offer the birds plenty of food. But feeding them properly is not so easy. Who eats what? Feeders or tit dumplings? 

Tips for feeding birds correctly: 

  • The more varied the food on offer, the more species will come.
  • Robins or blackbirds are soft food eaters. They like oatmeal, fruit or raisins, which they like to pick up off the ground. 
  • Finches have a strong beak and eat sunflower seeds, hemp and other seeds from high-quality grain mixtures. In this case, it is preferable to use a feeding column or silo, as in the classic feeder the birds sit directly in the food and can contaminate the grains with feces. This can lead to diseases. 
  • Tits, woodpeckers and nuthatches are fond of grains in winter, which can be found in classic tit dumplings. By using special fat food holders (e.g. titmouse dumpling holders), plastic nets can be avoided. This not only pleases the environment, but also birds and other animals. Because the empty nets can become a danger for them. 
  • In spring, slowly phase out feeding to be prepared for late winter onslaughts in April. 


Picture: hansbenn/pixabay.com

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