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Sixth Edition Natur im Wort

The sixth issue of the Styrian nature conservation newspaper focuses on so-called neophytes, i.e. animal and plant species that are not native to Austria. Various articles show reasons for the intentional, but also unintentional introduction of such alien species by humans and provide information on both the benefits and the risks associated with the occurrence of these species.

Current Styrian conservation initiatives offer exciting stories about the human connection with nature and explore a change of perspective into how animal vision works. Read for yourself why a bodyguard or lifeguard would love to have cow vision...

Our paper is directed at the general population, explaining the connections between the diverse activitie in and around Styria in an intriguing manner. Its intention is to motivate readers to become a part of the growing community of conservationists.

Suske Consulting edits and publishes the quarterly "Natur im Wort" for the Styrian Department of Conservation with a circulation of about 15.000 avaible for free in various Styrian locations. The digital version is available on the Styrian media page.

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