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Biodiversity on farms

Room for species diversity

Everybody knows them, the edges, remaining areas, angles and corners that have no right use, sometimes difficult to mow out and yet you do it. Because you want it to look neat. All these areas have the potential to become oases for biodiversity. Less mown and no longer fertilized verges become species-rich fields and meadowlands. Flowering lawns bloom on less heavily used gravel areas. Native wild shrubs grow in corners. High grass and nettles grow in corners and plants climb up walls. Piles of branches and stones are left lying around and permanent fences grow over, hedges are planted to reinforce them. And even on the flat roof there is room for a flower meadow.

The Bodenseeakademie, accompanied by DI Simone König, invites you on 27.08.2020, together with the speaker Barbara Depisch, to get to know the possibilities of creating structures for biodiversity on the farm.

Target audience: all people who are interested in promoting biodiversity in agriculture, especially active farmers, agricultural advisors, municipal agricultural representatives, teachers, technical students in rural school and training centres.

Speaker: Mag. Barbara Depisch, Suske Consulting; focus: ecological grassland management, nature conservation subsidies WF and Öpul, synergies agriculture and nature conservation

Course support: DI Simone König, Network blossoming Vorarlberg

Registration until 14 August at the Bodensee Akademie: office@bodenseeakademie.at, 05572 33064

Meeting place: 9.00 am, Alter Sternen, Lerchenauerstr. 36, 6923 Lauterach

Participation free of charge.


On behalf of the Vorarlberg State Government, Department for Environmental and Climate Protection. The course is part of the Interreg project Citizen-Bees-Biodiversity and is financed by Interreg funds and funds of the province of Vorarlberg.

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