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Results-based nature conservation discussed in Brussels

On 30 March 2017, the conference “Farming for biodiversity” took place in Brussels. Over 100 participants from numerous EU countries came together to discuss the potential of results-based approaches to deliver biodiversity benefits in agriculture.

One year ago, the European Commission (supported by the EU Parliament) launched a pilot project on results-based schemes for rewarding achievements in biodiversity in Romania, Ireland/Spain and England. Initial results of these pilot projects were presented and discussed at the conference “Farming for biodiversity.” It was emphasized that results-based agri-environmental measures are often well received by farmers, as they are easily integrated into work processes and farmers tend to identify with nature conservation targets on their own land. Discussion points included questions such as what it comes down to when communicating with farmers, and how particular results indicators are to be monitored.

In Austria, results-based payment schemes are implemented within the scope of the Results-based nature conservation plan (Ergebnisorientierter Naturschutzplan, ENP), which in turn is part of the Austrian Agri-Environmental programme.

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