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Properly or Shabbily?

Opinions diverge widely on how landscapes are to be maintained. Some claim: “Ever since we were little we learned that everything should be properly mowed.“ Others say: “My children like to pick the flowers and clover from the field margin, so I let it grow for a while.“

Modern technology has made it possible to harvest large portions of agricultural production simultaneously. Therefore, unmowed strips of grass and field margins are becoming increasingly important places of refuge for insects, birds and rabbits. However, such landscape elements are often wrongly perceived as the result of a shabby form of cultivation. Farmers maintaining such strips of biodiversity risk their reputation among peers and fellow villagers, despite their work not being shabby at all. Quite on the contrary, it contributes to the natural order of the environment.

The project „Properly! Shabby“ deals with this issue in an unconventional manner. It is launched with five seminars in spring 2017, in which related opinions, quotes and pictures are examined and analyzed together with farmers.

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