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About apples, cherries and biodiversity

Culinary press meeting on the Day of the Orchard Meadow

Within the framework of the Interreg project "Linking Urban and Inner-Alpine Green Infrastructure - Multifunctional Ecosystem Services for more liveable territories" (LUIGI) a culinary press meeting took place at the orchard Rohrbach near Mattersburg. 

Whereas modern orchards primarily produce dessert fruit, meadow orchards are home to various fruit varieties with different potential uses. After all, not every type of fruit is suitable for strudel, fruit brandy or jam. Apple strudel requires apples with sufficient acidity to contrast with the sweetness of the cake. Noble brandies live from the intensive aroma of old scattered fruit varieties. And apricot jam is best made with the old variety Hungarian Best, which only develops its unmistakable flavor when cooked. The variety of orchard fruit is manifold. Also the knowledge about the processing of the fruit varieties is manifold. The preservation of meadow orchards is therefore a guarantee for the preservation of a wide variety of culinary products and the knowledge of how to prepare them.

More information about the LUIGI project will follow soon!

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