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Ninth Edition Natur im Wort

Almost half of the Styrian grassland is used extensively and thus offers a home to a diverse animal and plant community. Thus, these colourful, species-rich extensive meadows - also called Mother's Day meadows - can harbour up to 5,000 (!) animal species. However, these valuable habitats become less and less from year to year. The areas that are difficult to cultivate are particularly affected: they are increasingly being reforested or simply no longer used. Remaining meadows are in turn being used more intensively in many places and the colourful Mother's Day meadows are increasingly being replaced by monotonous intensive meadows.

This year's and ongoing nature conservation initiatives in Styria offer exciting stories of human connections to nature and allow interesting changes of perspective. But read for yourself, for example about the Amazon of Europe or how tasty horse hay saves flower meadows.

The newspaper is addressed to the broad public, explains nature conservation contexts in lively language and shows how diverse the activities around nature are in Styria. It is intended to motivate people to become part of this large, committed community of nature conservationists.

Suske Consulting is responsible for the editorial editing of the quarterly newspaper "Natur im Wort" of the nature conservation department of the Province of Styria. The newspaper has a circulation of 15,000 copies and is available for free at various locations in Styria. Digital editions are available on the project page and on the Styrian media page.

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