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Let us look after our forests!

The third consultant training for the project “We keep an eye on our forest” (“Wir schauen auf unsere Wälder” was held at the Forestry Training Centre Gmunden. Suske Consulting took responsibility for designing the content and implementing the training.

The participating forestry experts were trained in spotting hidden features in one’s own forest as well as discovering interesting aspects to observe over the course of a year. Training on how to motivate forest managers to participate in the project was also provided.

Our outstanding training staff did not shy away from details: beetle expert Georg Derbuch explained how the deathwatch beetle got its sinister name, and Harald Komposch expounded some of the ingenious “tricks” employed by the horsetail to procreate.

The future consultants went out into the forest in small groups, on the lookout for traces of habitats. A small forest area near the “Taferlklause” hut in the Nature Park Attersee-Traunsee in Upper Austria served as the “demonstration forest.” One of the selected habitats consisted in woodpecker holes in a perfectly healthy tree. The group discussed why the woodpecker would choose this particular healthy tree to expend its energy creating cavities. Based on the recently acquired experience, one of the participants concluded: “The woodpecker is looking for food. It is possible that the hercules ant is present in the heartwood of this tree. And it is quite possible that the woodpecker is in some way capable of perceiving its presence from the outside.”


(c) Picture: Horst Leitner

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