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The two main public interests "nature conservation" and "climate protection" gain more and more importance year by year for different reasons. Suske Consulting develops for the province of Styria first approaches to solve this tension.

Nature conservation experiences the increasing importance due to the still progressing and worrying loss of biodiversity in almost all landscape areas, climate protection gets a completely new required dimension for society due to the dramatic development of climate change. Both public interests are often juxtaposed with conflicting goals in the landscape or on potential climate-strategic development sites. In development plans or procedures, the winner is the interest area that is better positioned case-specifically.

On behalf of the Province of Styria, Suske Consulting will prepare this explosive topic in an edgy and precise manner and develop initial ideas for possible solutions. For this purpose, several individual interviews will be conducted with responsible key personnel of the province and other experts. Wolfgang Suske will lead these interviews. The results, the need for action and possible solutions will finally be discussed in a joint retreat and a further course of action will be outlined.

More information about the project will follow shortly!

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