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It is probably the most spectacular and funniest thing on Austria's stages on the subject of insects: the Insect Life Show. Now this goes into the final round. On May 31 at 19.00, the last show will take place at the organic winery Zederbauer near Krems in Lower Austria.

The two top-class connoisseurs of nature, Wolfgang Suske and Georg Derbuch, will talk about the fascinating world of insects in the Insect Life Show. The show is not a lecture, however. "Knowledge cabaret" is the best description, because there is a lot to learn about insects with a lot of fun and laughter. It will certainly not be boring. And some may also be pleased about a present. With the show, Wolfgang Suske and Georg Derbuch want to inspire enthusiasm for the diversity of insects. Because currently this is disappearing. "If everyone would leave a little something for nature, that would already help a lot," Suske explains, explaining how butterflies, bees and the like can be enabled to survive. What else you can do concretely for insects in the garden or in agriculture, you can learn in the small booklet "Tu-Was!", which is available free of charge at the show. Admission is free.

For more dates in southern Styria, Carinthia and Salzburg, and more information about the project, visit www.insekten-leben.at/veranstaltungen/insekten-show.

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