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The Lungau Biosphere Park is humming and buzzing

Austria’s first insect exhibition

On July 8, Austria's first insect exhibition took place in the Lungau Biosphere Park. The spotlight was on the more than 36,000 insect species known in Austria. Visitors were not only able to learn about the diversity of this group of species, but also learned how they can support insects in their own environment and provide them with a suitable habitat.
NGOs such as the Naturschutzbund and committed initiatives presented their activities ranging from the production of regional seeds to insect-friendly lighting. Insect artworks by artist Salim Beşirli from Istanbul encouraged not only children but also adults to paint their own artworks on materials from nature in workshops. Didgeridoo musician Reinhard Simbürger played on an instrument made from insects and delighted young and old with his extraordinary sounds.

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