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Adaptation of the Green List for Natura 2000

The "Green List" is an IUCN project initiated 2014, intended to highlight protected areas around the world that have distinguished themselves in the areas of Management and administration. With this the IUCN intends to follow its general mission ("A fair world, that respects and protects nature") and highlight effective and successful conservation worldwide.

The admission criteria to the "Green List" include detailed descriptions of what is considered a well administrated and managed protected area. Areas in China, Korea, Kenia, California and Europa – special mention is deserved by Italy, France an Spain – have already received their honorable admission to the Green List.

A LIFE project has now been initiated to determine if and how the "Green List"-criteria can be applied to the European conservation areas within the Natura 2000 framework. Eight European Natura 2000-experts, amongst them Wolfgang Suske, are testing these criteria on different Natura 2000-areas working together with the IUCN and the European Commission. Results are expected this year.

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Picture: expert workshop in Malaga

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