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With the GartenWOWbuch to more garden fun and insect diversity

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The GartenWOWbuch is a special book, because it must first be completed. More than 30 entertaining tasks require creativity, courage and commitment. The book will challenge you, maybe even make you desperate at times. But in the end, you will hold a piece of garden in your hands that you have never seen before. Create your own garden fragrance, bathe in the leaf bath or build a humming sand castle. With simple, small Tu was instructions, you can not only have lots of fun, but also support insects in your garden. The book is suitable for young and old. 


With Tu was Gartenhilfe, you can implement insect-friendly small projects in your garden. From the mobile caterpillar feeding station to a mini-roof planting to the supreme discipline - the creation of a flower meadow - you will find detailed step-by-step instructions in Tu was Gartenhilfe. 


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