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Try it out!

Sloppy through the fall

(Picture: Hans/pixabay.com)


In many gardens, leaf rakes, wheelbarrows and muscle power are now being used. As leaves fall and temperatures drop, garden owners feel a growing need for order and cleanliness in the garden. Withered perennials are cut off, grasses are shortened to a minimum and leaves are laboriously collected, only to end up in garbage bags or organic waste garbage cans. 

Many people are not aware that important wintering grounds for insects, small mammals and reptiles are lost in the process. Numerous insects overwinter in hollow stems. Some butterfly pupae survive the cold season by tying themselves to a withered stem with a gossamer thread. Hedgehogs and lizards seek shelter under a thick pile of leaves. 

Allow yourself more free time and go sloppy in the fall. Leave faded perennials standing. Don't mow the lawn until spring and enjoy colorful piles of leaves in your garden. If you get unpleasant looks from your neighbors, show them the Schlampertatsch.

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