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Results of the evaluation study “Silage renunciation” online

In the evaluation study, 18 dairy farms in Salzburg, Tyrol and Styria were compared with each other with regard to their forage production and the effect of the different management methods on insects was investigated.

It was found that the hay mowing farms mostly had a later first cutting date and a lower intensity of use than the respective comparison farms. Seven of the nine hay farms studied mowed fewer areas on average at one time per mowing day than their comparison farms. This resulted in mosaic grassland structures that had higher insect densities than the comparison farms. However, meadows that were mowed four or more times per year showed very low species and invididual densities of insects on both the hay farms and their comparison farms.

Detailed results of the study are available on our project page. 


Photo: anaterate/pixabay.com

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