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ENP farmers network

143 Austrian agricultural operations are currently participating in the ENP (Ergebnisorientierter Naturschutzplan). Their individual experiences during their first years of ENP are valuable for other participants as well as the future development of the programme.

Throughout Austria 8 networking meetings are taking place for farmers to meet and share their experience. The basic tenor so far has been that the cartographer has made the farmers more aware of their meadows as well as increased flexibility and autonomy. These aspects lead to farmers increased identification with conservation goals, farmers are highly motivated in developing their conservation areas. Negative developments of meadows, in the past caused by overly rigid requirements, could be undone. The mandatory documentation by participating farmers isn’t seen as overly bothersome, however farmers do admit they may discourage others from joining.

Overall, ENP was positively received and farmers plan on participating in the next funding period.

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