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Usually, concrete measures or restrictions are agreed with farmers on valuable areas - e.g. no fertilization or a later mowing date. In "result-oriented management" (EBW), instead of measures, concrete goals and indicators are agreed on the area. Suske Consulting coordinates this new project on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Already more than 350 farms have signed up to participate in EBW this year. A total of 650 farms can sign up for EBW by 2024. To ensure that this new system works well, the farms receive comprehensive advice from an ecologist at the beginning. The relevant areas are all inspected together. After the farm inspection, the farmer receives a project confirmation that specifies targets and indicators for all agreed-upon areas. Jointly agreed-upon goals and indicators may include, for example, "the presence of certain species such as meadow sage." The actions to achieve the goals are decided year by year by the farmer or farmworker. The farmer then documents in a logbook or in a newly developed app what is happening on the land and how the indicators are developing.

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