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Campaign for the Clouded Apollo Butterfly

As part of a campaign for several animal species in Salzburg, a short animated film for the clouded Apollo butterfly is currently being developed. In Salzburg, the clouded Apollo has become increasingly rare. Its existence is dependent on the occurrence of corydalis, since the butterfly feeds exclusively on corydalis during its caterpillar stage. Other important factors for the survival of the clouded Apollo include an extensive cultivation of meadows and the existence of flower-rich ecotones. It feeds on the nectar of red, violet and yellow meadow flowers.

Compared to its close relative, the Apollo butterfly (Parnassius apollo), the clouded Apollo (Parnassius mnemosyne) is hardly known to the general public. The animation film is intended to help us make it more known among children and adults alike.

The animation film is produced in close collaboration with the cartoonist Geert Gratama, who has already produced numerous cartoons within the scope of the KOMM Natura project. For more information on Geert Gratama's work, please visit http://geertgratama.nl

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