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Farming For Nature Austria

Expert films in the case

Farming for Nature Austria is becoming the Hollywood of agriculture. The Farming for Nature Biodiversity Ambassadors are not only superheroes, but also real experts and women. They show their knowledge and share their experiences in 20-minute films.

Hans Gnauer made the start. He gives an insight into his special potato cultivation and explains how wheat can be grown in a climate-friendly way. Another film, which is currently being completed, features Rudi Schmidt. Schmidt is a specialist in the management of fallow land and plants.

Then, in mid-June, the film will be shot at the home of butterfly expert Ernst Moßhammer. Moßhammer is known for his extensive knowledge of the world of butterflies. In his film, he will provide exciting insights into this fascinating world and highlight the important role of insects in agriculture.

All these exciting films will be published on the Farming for Nature website. It's not Netflix, but they definitely provide entertaining and informative content for anyone interested in a more sustainable future. So get the popcorn ready and look forward to a movie-filled summer with our super farmers!

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