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A red carpet for the whinchat

In Salzburg we work together with farmers on a campaign to benefit the rare whinchat. We concentrate mainly on taking small but important decisions directly on the meadow to positively affect the whinchat. Above all, it needs perches on unused edge strips of the meadow, which can take the form of fence posts or simple wooden posts beaten into the meadow.

By means of field visits and joint meetings, the campaign ensures that farmers are informed about the whinchat’s way of life. In January 2017, schoolchildren will be prepared for the bird’s return from its wintering grounds in spring and then in March/April 2017 a "red carpet" is to be laid out for the whinchat’s return.

The campaign is part of a comprehensive project for the benefit of five different species in Salzburg which, according to the Department of Nature Conservation, are in particular need of action.

(c) Image: Vitaly Ilyasov/shutterstock


Download: Info sheet on the whinchat for farmers (German).


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